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 November 21, 2014  

Media Kit for American Zen album: End of the Line

New MEDIA KIT for American Zen album: END OF THE LINE

 November 5, 2014  

Scorpion Resurrection of Kung Fu Cowboy is American Zen's New Rock Music Video Performed Live

"Scorpion Resurrection" Music Video at YouTube

 October 21, 2014  

New Remodeled Shaolin Records Press Room

Newly designed digital press room of Shaolin Records.

 October 14, 2014  

Kung Fu Cowboy at Martial Arts Bookfest

Buddha Zhen to autograph TAO OF TAOISM book at Martial Arts Bookfest

 October 10, 2014  

Kung Fu Cowboy Performs "Use Me"

Video of "Use Me" (Live) at

 July 15, 2014  

American Zen is a One-Man Band?

The Hippy Coyote plays musical roles of 4-piece rock band. END OF THE LINE album produced by Richard Del Connor and engineered by Don DelaVega. Includes rave by Calista Carradine, a Kung Fu student of Buddha Z--who is also...

 July 2, 2014  

Homeless Record Producer Records Album in Truck

The Hippy Coyote records 11 songs in Toyota Tacoma truck for END OF THE LINE album by American Zen.

 July 2013  

The Man Who Spoke with Lucifer

An Interview with the Author of History of Zen from A to Z: Richard Del Connor / The Hippy Coyote

 June 2013  

The AntiChrist Epic Poem Book by Richard Del Connor

An Interview with the Author: Richard Del Connor / The Hippy Coyote

 May 2013  

4 Decades of Love by Richard Del Connor

An Interview with the Author: Richard Del Connor / The Hippy Coyote

 September 2010  

Kill Spiders - Not People

Solders = Spider Killers

 August 2010  

Coyote Wants to Push You Around

Coyote Promotes Push Hands Tournaments of Buddha Kung Fu

 July 2010  

Reborn Hippie = Hippie Buddha

Coyote's Grief Over Cutting Off His Hair Leads to Baldness

 June 2010  

The NEW Zen of American Zen


Released June 9, 2010

Available at the following outlets:

 May 2010  

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 Record Release

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 Record Release Party Scheduled

 April 2010  

The New Improved American Zen

The Hippy Coyote Moves Up the Zen Buddhist Ladder

 March 2010  

Christmas Is

"Christmas Is" song added to Kung Fu Cowboy Album PART 1

 February 2010  

Have Guitar -- Will Travel

Have Gun - Will Travel, is Coyote's Favorite TV Show

 January 2010  

Coyote Solo - Electric Again

Coyote Performs ELECTRIC SOLO - Smells Good

 December 2009  

Poetry, Coyote's Organ and The Lost Guitar

Coyote's Alvarez Guitar Lost on December 3, 2009

 November 2009  

Kill The Spider

Coyote Recovers from Black Widow Spider Bite

 October 2009  

The Hippy Coyote's Woodstock Years

Coyote Saw Crosby Stills, Nash & Young Concert Before Woodstock

 September 2009  

One Man - One Band - One Way

 August 2009  

Coyote Conceals The Third Degree

Coyote’s Masonic Kung Fu NOT PERFORMED at Push Hands Tournament

 July 2009  

American Zen OVERDUBS

With Drum Tracks Completed -- Coyote Becomes American Zen BASSIST

 June 2009  

Drums Done!

Gymnasium Drums Completed for Kung Fu Cowboy Album

 May 2009  

Coyote Cuts Tai Chi Video

Kung Fu of American Zen

 April 2009  

Drums = Foundation of Kung Fu Cowboy

Coyote's Drums in Storage While Living in Montrose Apartment

 March 2009  

Coyote Cuts Drums in the Park

Crescenta Valley Park Record Studio of American Zen

 February 2009  

American Zen Album Release Party Cancelled

Kung Fu Cowboy Book Released

Kung Fu Cowboy Original Draft

 January 2009  

The Ultimate Valentine = LEVEL 3

The Rolling Stones
The Beatles / John Lennon


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