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         End of the Line
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American Zen is a One-Man Band?

Shaolin Records is the independent record label founded by Richard Del Connor in 1984.

North Hollywood, California – July 15, 2014:
Shaolin Records, the independent record label of Shaolin Communications, is releasing the new album by American Zen, America’s first Buddhist rock band, titled End of the Line, recorded in a 1996 Toyota Tacoma 4-cylinder truck.

For more information:
Richard Del Connor, Record Producer

END OF THE LINE rock album (11 songs - 12 tracks) by American Zen

End of the Line album credits for American Zen read:
The Hippy Coyote: vocals, rhythm guitar, flute
Rory G: lead guitar
Tom Calder: bass
Steve Hixon: drums and percussion

Using a 4-track digital recorder, Zoom 4Hn, (a 2013 Christmas present from his Kung Fu students), record producer Richard Del Connor recorded the End of the Line classic rock album by American Zen in his Tacoma truck. The engineering credit is Don DelaVega, but this is another pseudonym of Richard Connor. Using a couple dozen AA batteries to power his professional compact recorder, the truck was used as two studio rooms: the shell and the front cab.

The rhythm guitar of The Hippy Coyote was cut in the back shell. This purple fiberglass truck shell is also Coyote’s home on wheels so Coyote had to nestle into the back corner, behind the driver’s seat, and position himself at an angle to play his guitar. This only leaves a few inches of movement from side to side or he’d knock his tuning keys out of tune on his 1984 Fender Stratocaster with tobacco finish and Floyd Rose bridge. Plugged into another Christmas present from his Kung Fu students, a new Pandora Stomp Box, Coyote’s rhythm guitar was given an amp-like sound. Coyote explains, “I’m used to playing my Marshall amp, and when I do, I use volume and attack to create different sounds from the amplifer tubes. Although this doesn’t work with the digital amp effects, I do perform differently with sustain than just listening to my unamplified guitar.” This entire album, except for the first two songs from Las Vegas, was composed while Coyote sat on the tailgate of his truck singing and playing to his North Hollywood neighbors from March to September of 2013.

With the rhythm guitar tracks cut on all songs, Coyote put his Strat into storage and bungee-chorded his 1957 Rickenbacker 4000 into the back of his truck. After a couple of days of practicing, Coyote recorded the bass tracks for the entire album in the back shell of his truck. This was more difficult than the guitar because the bass has a longer neck and larger tuning keys that would bump into his drawers of clothes. Tuning problems were fixed using the built-in tuner of the Pandora Stomp Box.

The vocals were recorded in the front cab of the truck using his green sleeping back to cover the interior of the front and passenger windows. Coyote sang through a black round wind screen on a gooseneck into a professional condensor mike with 48v phantom power supplied by the Zoom recorder, mounted to the microphone stand wedged into his backpacks of Kung Fu clothing and music supplies.

“It would take 8 people to do all the things he did to make this album. It’d take decades to learn to play the bass and guitar like that, let alone playing flute like Tull and being his own engineer. Now that's a master!” texted Calista Carradine after previewing the entire album on headphones at the North Hollywood Library. She kept singing along and tapping her feet so loudly that she got several complaints from the librarian while listening to the album. Calista is the daughter of David Carradine, a Tai Mantis school brother of Shifu Richard Del Connor. Richard is also known as Buddha Zhen (publishing spiritual journal, Supersoul 13 -Discovering the Soul of God, under the name, Buddha Z), who studied under the same Shaolin Kung Fu master and technical advisor/choreographer of the Kung Fu television series, Grandmaster Kam Yuen. Buddha Zhen (pronounced, “Jen,”) also studied under Grandmaster Kam’s instructor in San Franciso at the San Francisco Chin Woo Association where Grandmaster Wong Jack Man (who beat up Bruce Lee in 196?) certified Buddha Zhen in 1995 as a “Shifu,” the honorary title of a Kung Fu master capable of teaching the ancient Chinese martial arts.

Feature Story Themes:
AMERICAN ZEN: (Was folk rock but now rock and hard rock and blues rock).
Homeless life in Los Angeles. (Story can be localized).
First album recorded in car? (Richard Del Connor = record producer).
New law in Los Angeles allows Coyote to legally sleep on street in his car. (Can be localized).
Coyote is acting out all 4 members of American Zen.
Coyote is a one-man band pretending to be 4 musicians.
     (playing drums, bass, guitars, vocals, and flute better than most famous musicians).
American Zen is “America’s first Buddhist rock band™” with Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Zen Buddhism.
Calista Carradine:
     Student of Buddha Kung Fu,
     Cast in the Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie1 as “Waitress,”
     Recording American Zen songs for a nonprofit organization fundraiser,
     Richard/Coyote = Kung Fu brother of David Carradine, teaching traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.
Richard was fan of Kung Fu series, now teaching the same Shaolin Kung Fu and Praying Mantis.
Buddha Zhen teaches Combat Tai Chi = traditional Tai Chi as martial art: “Ultimate Power Boxing.”

KUNG FU COWBOY ROCK & ROLL MOVIE 1: (screenplay by Richard based on true story of Richard)
Kung Fu Cowboy in covered wagon packaging Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1 for $20mil
Stung by scorpion working Brad Paisley concert as stagehand causes SCREENPLAY rewrite with ghosts

BUDDHA KUNG FU: (Richard = Buddha Zhen. Teaching Shaolin Kung Fu / Tai Chi since 1984)
Teaching Shaolin Kung Fu and Yang Tai Chi (Disciple of Wong Jack Man who beat up Bruce Lee)
Richard is school brother of David Carradine and certified as Chin Woo Athletic Association school.
Chin Woo = Chinese government subsidized after WWI: (see movie of Jet Li: Fearless)

RICHARD DEL CONNOR: (Record producer, poet, screenwriter, Mr. Mom 15 years, movie producer, actor)
Richard Del Connor is a modern Socrates, living for virtue, righteousness, and “cowboy chivalry ethics”
Richard Del Connor becomes Executive Producer of Kung Fu Cowboy Rock & Roll Movie 1 after another executive producer pulls “off-shore money stunt”
Founder of:
Shaolin Chi Mantis 1992: Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Yang Tai Chi, and Northern Praying Mantis
Shaolin Communications 1984: Book publisher
Shaolin Music 1984: ASCAP music publisher
Shaolin Pictures 1987: Kung Fu/Tai Chi videos, music videos, feature films
Shaolin Records 1984: Indie record label

Reference Links: (END OF THE LINE album by American Zen)
Album page at (song by song explanation of album with song samples)

Lyrics at band website: (click compass-image link to progress through all pages)

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For more information contact:
Richard Del Connor at 858-717-7074

Shaolin Communications, PO Box 632, Verdugo City, CA 91046

Journalists and Feature Writers/Editors can request press kit: “End of the Line EPK”
Richard Del Connor / The Hippy Coyote phone and video interviews are being scheduled for August 2014.
is a PRESS RELEASE published by Shaolin Communications
to promote the artists of Shaolin Records.

FEATURE EDITOR NOTE: Richard Del Connor is The Hippy Coyote is Buddha Z and is the Shaolin Communications Press Agent while being the promoted talent. Hopefully he will be able to afford a real press agent soon. This one-man enterprise conglomerate strives to enlighten and entertain.
American Zen - “America’s First Buddhist Rock Band™”
Buddha Kung Fu - “School for building Buddhas™” - founded 2008
Buddha Z - Shen-Lang Zhen, Buddha Zhen, Spirit Wolf of Truth
Coyote, The Hippy - Was The Coyote until 2007 when I became The Hippy Coyote
Kung Fu Cowboy - Western Virtues with Eastern Philosophies - nickname since 2003
Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu and Taijiquan - founded 1992
Shaolin Communications - book publisher, marketing, distribution
Shaolin Music - ASCAP music publisher
Shaolin Pictures - Movie production company
Shaolin Records - Indie record label production company
Tai Chi Youth - 501(c)(3) founded 1996
Zen Buddhist Podcast of Shaolin Zen - over 500,000 downloads 2007 to 2010

Visit our PAST PRESS RELEASES of Shaolin Records:

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Monthly Press Release from Shaolin Records
Editor: Richard Del Connor

Copyright 2014 Shaolin Communications administrated by Shaolin Music at
All rights reserved. ASCAP

shREC_PR is the Press Release of Shaolin Records.


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Founded by Buddha Zhen 2010

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American Zen's 4th Album
- PART 1

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Radio version of "Flintridge Fire" song


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Coyote in wolf clothing

Get American Zen's FIRST album.

About Shaolin Records
Shaolin Records is the independent record label of Richard Del Connor. Shaolin Records has released vinyl records, cassettes, cassingles, cds, mp3s, mp4s, pdfs, and now sells records online that include much more than just the songs. Webpages, lyrics sheets, pdf books, screenshots, and special release songs are included in the albums created, produced, packaged, and sold on the internet. Since 1992, Shaolin Records has been publishing Kung Fu and Tai Chi books also, in association with parent company, Shaolin Communications. With the classic rock of America's first Buddhist rock band, American Zen; and the Kung Fu-Tai Chi-Meditation-World Music of Buddha Zhen, Shaolin Records is the indie label where Buddha rocks!

Media Contact:
Richard Del  Connor
Record Producer, Shaolin Records

About American Zen
American Zen is The Hippy Coyote who fronts the band on flute and electric guitar. Coyote is the "Kung Fu Cowboy" who studies Shaolin Kung Fu, and with his recent record, LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy PART 2 has become the world's most astounding musician playing drums, electric bass, slide guitars, electric guitars, flute, harmonica, and a variety of other instruments and percussion. Coyote no longer performs or records acoustic guitar, since losing his Alvarez 12-string on December 3, 2009. However, with hundreds of songs recorded with his acoustic guitar since 1974, Coyote says he prefers his Marshall amplifier and wah-wah pedal now. All songs, lyrics, and poetry are composed by The Hippy Coyote, who has also written the novel, SID'S PLACE, and created the websites for each LEVEL of American Zen's ascent toward Heaven on their Zen Buddhist journey to Nirvana.

Media Contact:
The Hippy Coyote


About Buddha Zhen
Zhen Shen-Lang "Truth Spirit-Wolf" or Spirit Wolf of Truth (The Chinese always put last name first.)
Buddha Zhen was recognized for his teaching skills while an Advanced Student of Tai Mantis Federation in early 1980s. However, Buddha Zhen, then known as Richard O'Connor, even passed up opportunities to perform with David Carradine, only considering his Shaolin Kung Fu to be a hobby. After moving to Utah in 1991, unable to find work in the record business or movie business, Kung Fu and Tai Chi became the only way for Buddha Zhen to support himself in Utah while being a Mr. Mom to two kids. Shaolin Chi Mantis was founded in 1992 and in 1996 Master Zhen created the Tai Chi Youth nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity organization for troubled youth. Buddha Zhen founded the Buddha Kung Fu school in 2008 which includes the Buddha Tai Chi, Shaolin Kids , and 12 Step 12 Week Kung Fu Bootcamp programs.

Media Contact:
Buddha Zhen

   Page Title:   PRESS RELEASE American Zen JULY 15, 2014




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