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  Press Releases


  EVENTS in Press Releases

 January 2008  

The Hippy Coyote - One Man Band

  • Coyote Invents "Bass Poetry"
  • Coyote's Black 50 gallon drum

Folk Rock Podcast 9: Dennis Logan

The Coyote Poetry Podcast 6
    POEM: “The Teacher Was He”   by The Coyote
    SONG: “The Teacher Was He”   from LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind by American Zen


 February 2008  

The Hippy Coyote - Buddhist Lover

  • Coyote has been a Mr. Mom for 16 years.
  • Dragging kids to Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes with him

Folk Rock Podcast 10
featuring David Courtenay of Santa Barbara, California.

  • Featured songs:
    • "Paying The Price"   
           (60s British Pop Rock)
    • "Giving All I Can"   
           (British upbeat pop song with cool vocal harmonies.)


 March 2008  

Tom Calder - Drug Runner in Sid's Place

History of bass players in American Zen since 1972.

 April 2008  

Steve Hixon - Original Drummer of American Zen?

History of drummers in American Zen since 1969.

Coyote's Drumset

 May 2008   Flutist Coyote Hosts Folk Rock Podcast Series
 June 2008  

Join the American Zen Team

The AMERICAN ZEN TEAM needs the following:
1. An entertainment attorney (music industry and stageplays)
2. Booking agent (book signings, performing solo on acoustic and flute)
3. Business manager (P&D deals, runs our custom label)
4. Songplugger (Shaolin Music-ASCAP, has 2,000 song cagalog)
5. Roadie (Coyote usually trains a few of our Kung Fu students)
6. Press agent (marketing and radio promotion)
7. Sound man
8. Light man (could be a girl)

 July 2008  

Rory G - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Ukulele

  • Where'd Rory Go?
  • Rory retiring from performing

History of the Rorys of American Zen

 August 2008  

Richard Connor - Record Producer

  • Name change from O'Connor to CONNOR
  • History of Richard's name and Freemasonry
 September 2008  

Songlist of Level 3

  • One-Sentence Summaries
  • Times
  • Genres of ALL SONGS on LEVEL 3

Product and Distributor Information for
      LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me

 October 2008  

Shaolin Records Persuades iTunes "Folk Rock" Category

Folk Rock genre name Variations

 November 2008  

The Most Romantic Album of 2008 - I Want You To Love Me

American Zen RELEASES 3rd Album:
      LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me

 December 2008  

Most Romantic Album of 2008 - Review it Now!

Songlist of LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me

Product and Distributor Information for
      LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me


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