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Richard Del Connor, Record Producer

As founder and record producer of Shaolin Records, I don't have time to do what I have to do here, but if you have a project that I would be the 'best' person for the job--I'll consider it.

Email me:

Current projects that I am producing:

I started as a radio DJ in 1971, produced my first albums in 1976, designed recording studios during the early eighties, promoted concerts and rock operas during the early 80s, and worked in various capacities producing music videos, commercials, and movie special EFX in the late eighties.

During the 90s I published magazines and poetry books while being the program director and founder of the Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization.

As a record company inspired by Shaolin Kung Fu, we offer mandatory free lessons to all our staff and volunteers.


Official Website of American Zen

American Zen
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Each spiritual LEVEL of American Zen has a website section that includes each LEVEL's albums, books, poetry, stories, lyrics, and scrapbook photos:
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Kung Fu Cowboy

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Music videos of American Zen and The Hippy Coyote.