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Shaolin Chi Mantis

Zhen Shen-Lang 1998


Tai Chi Music
Buddha Zhen's music album
Tai Chi Magic 1


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Gongfu Workout #2 video

Artist:   Buddha Zhen
Talent:  Buddha Zhen
Author:   Zhen Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth
Project Format:   VIDEO FILE download
Price:   $18.88
Movie Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Film and Video Director:  Richard Del Connor
Movie Production Company:   Shaolin Pictures
Record Label:   Shaolin Records
Record Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Mixing:  Richard Del Connor

Mastering:  Richard Del Connor
Release Date:   
Distributors:  Shaolin Communications, see links below


Designed in 1994, this is the 2nd Kung Fu workout created by Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang.

Wanting to add some other weapons and Kung Fu Forms to his daily workouts, Buddha Zhen created a second 1-hour cassette that he would practice to.

"I used songs by myself, and some songs by other artists. The song, "Lithium," by Nirvana, was one of my favorites for practicing the double sabres. So this collection of songs will include some hard rock songs to inspire you as I've been inspired in the past," explains Buddha Zhen.

Scheduled for release 2016
For ALL the Beginner Level Workouts

Entire Shaolin Chi Mantis beginner program


500,000 downloads 2007-10

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