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Shaolin Chi Mantis

Buddhist Headshaving Ceremony
Shaolin Kung Fu INITIATE
Buddhist Gongfu Candidate

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Music for Tai Chi
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Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate -
     Buddhist Gongfu Candidate  book

Artist:   Buddha Zhen
Author:   Zhen, Shen-Lang, Spirit Wolf of Truth (Richard Del Connor)
Project Format:   pdf BOOK download
Price:   $18.88
Movie Director-Record Producer:  Richard Del Connor
Movie Production Company:   Shaolin Pictures
Record Label:   Shaolin Records

Publisher-Editor:  Richard Del Connor
Book Publisher:   Shaolin Communications
Release Date:   

student manual of
Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu

This book was created and designed in 1995 to:

  • provide a complete understanding of the Shaolin Chi Mantis Kung Fu School
  • display the expectations of entire "SCM 7-Year Curriculum;"
  • be a student manual for passing and graduating SCM Initiate Program;
  • enable students to make a sincere commitment to Shaolin Chi Mantis;
  • explain traditional expectations and Buddhist Kung Fu concepts;
  • answer questions about "Buddhist Kung Fu Head Shaving Ceremony;"
  • discourage students incapable of completing the SCM curriculum.

Students of other martial arts and Kung Fu styles will find this book very enlightening, and inspirational. The goal of this book is to prepare students for a life of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is "A Way of Life" that enhances, improves, and strengthens your daily life.

This is the book to transform your life from being whoever and whatever you are into a Kung Fu HERO. A Kung Fu Master is a protector of his family, and community. Shaolin Chi Mantis is a school for creating Kung Fu heroes in the ancient traditions of the original ZEN BUDDHIST WARRIORS of the Shaolin Temple. Our curriculums are a proven method of combining Zen Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Tai Chi to create SPIRITUAL WARRIORS.

Shaolin Kung Fu Initiate - Buddhist Gongfu Candidate was written by the founder of Shaolin Chi Mantis, Zhen Shen-Lang "Spirit Wolf of Truth." Buddha Zhen is also the founder of Tai Chi Youth nonprofit organization, and Buddha Kung Fu (schools for making Buddhas). As a Shifu (Kung Fu Master) since 1984, Buddha Zhen has taught thousands of students of all ages including several blind students.


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