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Photoshoot by Don Bertolucci of The Rich for Live in Venice album,
The Rich – Live In Venice 1979

Shaolin Records is an independent record label featuring the artists and projects produced by Richard Del Connor.

Founded in principles of cowboy virtues and Shaolin Kung Fu ethics… Richard Del Connor had been training in Shaolin Kung Fu for four years before founding Shaolin Records, Shaolin Music, and Shaolin Communications.

for a list of artists and their associated ‘things.’

Visit the ALBUMS PAGE for a list of the albums produced by Richard Del Connor since 1974.  Some of these have been released and some are still awaiting album graphics and…

The Streethearts were signed to Shaolin Records but didn't get a chance to cut an album.
The Streethearts with Richard on Slide Guitar 1984.


Thank you for visiting what I’ve always meant to be a record company that “ENTERTAINS and ENLIGHTENS.”

That’s been the goal… I look forward to doing better!

Try to keep up!